I am a PhD candidate at Free University Berlin in the Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition Group, led by Dr. Radoslaw M. Cichy. I am supported by the Einstein Center for Neurosciences and the Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

In my research I am interested in the specificity and topography of lower and higher level visual cortex. Previous research has shown, that the core regions responsible for the recognition of objects are organized in a hierarchical fashion in the so-called ventral visual stream. However, how exactly these areas represent objects remains ill understood. While topography (how neurons are arranged on the cortical sheet) is relatively well understood in lower and middle visual areas, specificity (what aspects of the visual information do neurons respond to) is not. This pattern is reversed for higher visual areas. During the main projects of my PhD I aim to further deepen this understanding in both low and high visual areas, using a combination of EEG, fMRI and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs).

I am additionally interested in the effect of eye movements on EEG data and try to make my research open and reproducible by adopting open science practices.


  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Vision
  • fMRI
  • EEG
  • Eyetracking
  • Mulitvariate Pattern Analysis
  • Deep Neural Networks


  • PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, ongoing

    Free University Berlin

  • MSc in Cognitive Science, 2018

    Osnabrück University

  • BSc in Cognitive Science, 2016

    Osnabrück University

Recent Publications

(2020). Coherent natural scene structure facilitates the extraction of task-relevant object information in visual cortex. bioRxiv.

(2020). Cortical sensitivity to natural scene structure. Human Brain Mapping.

(2020). Real-world structure facilitates the rapid emergence of scene category information in visual brain signals. Journal of Neurophysiology.